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Sign up today to experience The Ultimate Team Challenge! 1st July 2017 Compete together ~ Have fun together ~ Challenge Together ~ Succeed Together

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Jane Tomlinson Appeal

All profits from the event will go towards the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, raising funds for children’s and cancer charities in the UK.

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Activity Stations

Team building has never been so much fun!

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The Challenge – 1st July 2017

Temple Newsam

12 Teams 12 participants Entry £500 inc VAT All profits go to Jane Tomlinson Appeal

This is a fun and engaging team event that provides an opportunity for you and yourgroup of friends, team mates, or colleagues….grab a team and sign up::

  • Compete together
  • Have fun together
  • Challenge together
  • Succeed together

Teams will compete for the maximum 12 points on each challenge

  • 12 teams
  • 12 challenges
  • 120 minutes of fun physical and mental challenges

Think ‘Crystal Maze’ meets ‘Its a Knock Out’

Each team member will receive a goody bag, medal and UTC t-shirt and a winners shield for the champion!

All profits go to Jane Tomlinson Appeal

Activity Stations

Pipe to point

12 pieces of various length drain pipe teams must move as many tennis balls from one zone to another staying in one fixed point team members must communicate and work together to quickly establish a rhythm and system that means a steady movement of balls along the supply change.

Combat Hangar/ Gladiator

6 of your team  will face the 3 Aliens  in the Dark Hangar.  Being accurate is important and not hitting your team mates mean you will help increase your score. 6 of the team will take on the mighty Ultimate Team Gladiators!!  Here is your chance to get rid of all that office tension, score points by knocking off the Gladiator but be careful balance and timing is key.

Sumo Run

4 giant sumo suits and a very funny run challenge awaits the competitors how many can you get to complete the course in the time the more completions the higher the point score!!

Volcano Climb

Make it to the top of the volcano! drop off the lava block and back to earth 4 members climb at a time to  score points be sure footed and steady to make sure you score for your team

Feel the Pressure

A steady hand and patience is needed on this game one false move and your at the back of the class!! Shafts of air push the ball into the air move the cones to push the ball onto the next shaft of air all the way to the end to score!

Vehicle pull

How far can you move a 3 ton Range Rover team tactics for deploying your team to gain the maximum distance in the 8 minutes.

Sling shot sponge catch

You will get wet on this one!! 2 catapults 100 sponges! points for those caught…. stories for those that escaped the grasp.

Imagination Gaming Brain Drain

A series of mental arithmetic and gaming challenges set by the experts at Imagination Gaming.

Slip and Slide House Move

The giant Obstacle will prove a slippy challenge for the team can you get everyone round and not drop the precious cargo extra points for every thing that makes it round the course.

Egg Catch

Split the team into 3 groups work together to manoeuvre the precious cargo from one side of the area safely to the other side without smashing them!

Water Balloon Relay

Not just any relay work your way through the giant obstacle course to pass the water balloon baton to your teammate points lost for burst balloons.

Treasure Hunt

Dive into the Giant Ball Pool to find the hidden Golden orbs.  The more you find the Higher the point score.  You can only return with 1 golden orb at a time dive straight back in to continue the search.

Team building has never been so much fun!

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Temple Newsam Estate

Temple Newsam Estate Temple Newsam Road Leeds LS15 0AE